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A children's book for individuals ages 9-14. Tierra's description:

In the world we live in, we are constantly surrounded by false messages about what we should look like and this can be harmful. What we look like is really not that important, what matters more is the kind of person we are, the things that we are passionate about, and what makes us unique. This book offers information, quizzes, comics and real-life situations to help with critical thinking and dealing with conflicts as it relates to body image.

Book Feature


This book features a collection of stories that explores experiences with and through the body. In this, Tierra shares a poem.

Op-ed on Eating Disorders


A piece that seeks to raise awareness about the impact eating disorders in Canada.

NEDIC Blog Articles


A collection of blog articles written by Tierra that shares some of the realities of eating disorders and recovery. Article


The background behind Untouched Beauty, an initiative that Tierra created in high school with the intent of empowering and raising awareness around eating disorders and body image.

Canadian Teacher Magazine


This article summarizes a pilot study conducted by Tierra, examining the influence of media literacy education on the body image in adolescent girls in Ontario.

Interview with Dr. Jill Andrew


A sit down conversation with Dr. Jill Andrew on body image and body confidence.


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Redefining Beauty Standards

An open conversation about expanding and redefining our perceptions around beauty. 

What was explored:
- Westernized ideas around beauty and it’s connection to racism, diet culture and fatphobia
- Definitions of beauty around the world and cultural expectations
- Discussions on disrupting messages received that affirm unhealthy beauty standards

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